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PALE DIVINE (US) "Cemetary Earth" DCD


Label: Shadow Kingdom Records
Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs279t3OTt4

The 3rd Pale Divine album is probably right where Pale Divine envisioned their sound to be when they first started their career. They are the masters at blending 70's Psychedelic blues jamming with sinister dark heavy traditional doom metal. There are not too many bands that are able to do what they can do which makes them the big fish in a small pond if you're into Psych/Doom. The guitar leads sweep you away, but also gently bring you back to the heart of the song. The addition of John Gaffney (songwriter for Sinister Realm) on bass added different dimension to this album that helped them grow as a band. This package was fully re-mastered and the 2nd disc is chalked full of some great rehearsal and live songs.